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Spoonbill, here, is one tall, tall fellow full of attitude and rustic charm. He's a vainglorious Spoonbill, and he's very proud of his enormous beak, his funny face, his glittering chainmail, and his overlarge feet. 

Handsome?  Eh.

Debonaire?  You bet!


Made of steel fencing wire and dark annealed wire.  His bold head is made with the handle of a spray nozzle for a hose.  I've wanted to make this sculpture for a long time with this cool old metal handle, and here he is.  His body is draped in a heavy, chain necklace with gems in it.  His tail and neck wattle are made with rustic jewelry items.  And finally, his claws are made with interesting jewelry pieces I had in my stash.


Spoonbill measures 9.75 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long.


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