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Commissioned Pet Portraits

Wouldn't your dashing pet look beautiful as a one-of-a-kind work of art?  Explore the galleries below to view some of my previous pet art.  If you're interested in having a beautiful portrait drawn of your pet, all the information you need is below.  And remember, a pet is whatever you love - cats, dogs, birds, snakes, lizards, turtles, tarantulas, horses, cattle, donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, fish, llamas, honeybees, you get the idea!

Pen & Ink

Click To View Full Images.


Click To View Full Images.

Let's Get Started

With photos you send me, I can create a beautiful portrait of your extraordinary pet.  I offer pet portraits in your choice of Scratchboard or Pen & Ink.  What’s the difference?


Scratchboard is a form of etching.  A hardboard is coated in a layer of white clay, and the clay is covered with a layer of black ink.  The drawing is created by using sharp or abrasive tools to cut through the black ink to the white clay beneath.  Thus, the drawings are vivid, crisp, sharp, and highly detailed.  Color can be added to Scratchboard with colored inks.  If you envision your pet in full color, please let me know so we can discuss further.  There is an additional fee for adding color to Scratchboard.


Pen & Ink is the process of creating the drawing with fine art pens on archival quality, acid-free paper.  The majority of my Pen & Ink drawings are made with a technique called stippling, or pointillism, where the drawing is built up with many thousands of dots.  I do add some lines to the drawing, too, to suggest hair direction and create a pleasing visual texture.


As you can see in my pet portrait gallery above, I strive not only for a realistic, crisp, detailed drawing, but also for the very character and personality of each pet I draw.


Scratchboard  &  Pen and Ink Prices for 2024



5x7 portrait (head and neck only):           $ 425.00


8x10 portrait (head and neck only):        $ 800.00


11x14 portrait (head and neck only):        $ 1350.00


16x20 portrait (head and neck only):     $ 2500.00


Full body, multiple subjects, and full backgrounds are also an option for an additional fee.  Please contact me for information on pricing.


I can also work in many other custom sizes and unique formats such as square or panoramic.  Prices will vary depending on size and how many pets you’d like in your drawing.  If you’re interested in having me frame your artwork for an additional fee, please let me know.


Upon approval of the photo(s) you provide (these can be emailed or texted or, if you prefer, sent by mail), I require a 25% (nonrefundable) down payment before starting a commissioned drawing.  Upon completion, I will email or text you an image of the finished drawing for your preview.  I will then require the remaining 75%, plus shipping, and then mail the drawing safely right to you!  I accept payment with credit or debit cards (via PayPal invoice - you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay this way) and also cash.


Capturing the expression, detail, and character of your pet takes time, so please allow 1 – 2 months for the completion of your drawing.  Larger sizes may take longer, but I can assure you it will be worth the wait.


What do I need in the photos you provide?  Crisp, clear images are best!  Ideally, the photos should be taken at eye-level with your pet.  Photos taken in good, natural light, preferably without use of a flash, are the best.  If possible, send me numerous photos so I can get to know your one-of-a-kind buddy a little better and so we can decide on the best pose together.


Memorial Portraits:  Memorial portraits make beautiful keepsakes.  You cherished your pet.  You want to remember him/her and do something to keep those warm memories close.  If your pet has passed away and you’re worried you don’t have very good photos, please don’t lose heart.  I will be glad to look at any photos you have in the hopes that a portrait can be made of your pet.  As a woman who has – and always has had – many pets, I understand the depth of grief and loss, and will be honored to draw your pet for you to the very best of my abilities.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me and ask away!

Please note that while I do retain the copyright to pet portrait drawings, I will not sell prints of them to anyone at any time.  Of course, if you've ordered a commission and would like prints in addition to the original drawing, please let me know.  I may also choose to share an image of your pet portrait in my portfolio both online and at art shows.

You may see that some of the pet portraits above are available as prints or originals in my Shop.  These are either non-commissioned pet portraits, or I have been granted permission by my clients for the sale of prints of their pets.

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