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Now, this is dubious.  See, it has become quite a debate whether the mouse and cat are friends, or if the mouse has conquered the cat.  Surely, a mouse couldn’t…?  Surely, a cat would never stoop so low…?  Answers must be sought!


Please Note: Mouse & Cat is only available for purchase at ArtZ in Amery, Wisconsin.


How shall I begin with this large, steampunk cat and mouse?  My second-largest wire sculpture to date, this big cat is nearly life-sized and weighs in at over 12 pounds.


I'd wanted to make a big cat sculpture ever since I came across a set of four matching vintage castor wheels that made me think of cat paws.  I'd had pieces for this sculpture laid out in a collection over quite some time and finally put together this rather massive sculpture.


Made with dark annealed wire.  Embellishments are too many to list, but this cat is adorned with all manner of found items from rusty junk (the nose, the metal "honeycomb" form on the body, the ears made of springs, the typewriter pieces on the legs, the wheeled feet, etc.) to jewelry such as pieces of necklace, earrings, and pendants of birds, mice, lettered brass tags which spell CAT, a chunky necklace about the cat's neck...the more you look, the more you'll find!  And finally, who has he got with him?  A very smug-looking brass mouse - this mouse being a vintage figurine from the 1950s. 


Mouse & Cat measures 13.5 inches tall (the mouse is 5.5 inches tall) by 4.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches long and weighs over 12 pounds.

Mouse & Cat

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