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A fine art print of a Great Blue Heron.  The original drawing is Ink on Clayboard, so this drawing is sort of a blend between Pen and Ink and Scratchboard.  Ink was added to the creamy-colored clay surface with pens and fine art markers in black and gray tones, and then details were scratched out with X-Acto blades and tattoo needles.  Something different for me, and I hope you like it!


Print and backing board are packaged in a clear protective bag. Print is not framed or matted. Actual print will not be watermarked.  Please note that this drawing is square (5x5 inches) rather than my usual rectagular shape.  You can find quite a few nice frames in square formats at art and craft stores.


The original drawing has been sold.

Great Blue Heron Fine Art Print

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