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He jingles with each step, bells chiming like a song.  He’s a leader in the camel throng.  He is the prize of the dunes.  The king of the desert.  The regal ride of the royal.  Adorned, adored, his opulence boldly underscored.


What more can be said about this majestic camel?  He has been on my to-sculpt list for a long time, all starting with a single embellishment in my collection.  To see him finished has been a treat.  He's made with steel fencing wire (at the base for stability) and copper wire.  He's adorned with all manner of interesting jewels, chains, baubles, and found items, including two bell anklets which jingle merrily, adding even more character.


Extraordinary Dromedary measures 8.75 inches tall by 10 inches long by 3.5 inches wide.

Extraordinary Dromedary

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