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Both books for one low price!  This is a book series, and though each book stands alone, you'll meet familiar faces throughout.  These are paperback novels.  A third book is well in the works for this series, so stay tuned!


Immerse yourself in the world of Alma, Wisconsin during the 1860s and get to know the Soolivans and the Siegels in this Civil War era series.  There is romance, conflict, action, history, and humor within the pages of these novels.


Both books are also available individually in my Shop.




Bicker and the Soolivans (Book 1)

"The Soolivan family is split apart by the Civil War, but when the ugly side of fate intervenes, a silver lining appears to bring a broken family back together again. While Andy Soolivan is convalescing in the hospital with his new friend, Bicker, he receives news that his uncles have all been killed. In a letter explaining the details, August Soolivan urges his son Andy to come home. The family has suffered enough.


As the Soolivan family comes back together, a one-armed Bicker arrives like a lost pup looking for a home. He is welcomed into a family that values togetherness above all else. Penelope, the oldest daughter, catches his eye. The only problem is Penelope. She’s hiding the fact that she is engaged to her beau, who is still fighting in the war. She agonizes, though, because he hasn’t written in weeks. But she isn’t the only daughter in the family with secrets to keep. Will fate allow the Soolivan family to find peace when the war has taken so much from them, and will the emerging feelings between Penelope and Bicker be allowed to flourish? Fate and family are at the heart of Bicker and the Soolivans, and everyone from the casual reader to the critic will feel their heart warmed throughout this authentic feel-good story.


Bicker and the Soolivans will sweep you off your feet, make you forget about the current state of world affairs, and fall in love with the antics of a midwestern family in Civil War-era America.


A feel-good romance set in the turmoil of the Civil War. Recommended.” – Chanticleer Reviews


Bicker and the Soolivans earned a Semi-Finalist spot in the 2018 Chanticleer International Book Awards' Laramie Awards and also received a 5 Star rating from Chanticleer Book Reviews!




Zeke's Fate (Book 2)

Set in the year 1869, this is the story of Zeke Siegel, an American Civil War veteran who has struggled with amnesia for several years. He finds himself entangled in a world of confusion and danger as he comes home to his wife, who has been told he was killed in the war. She has begun to move on with her life after years of mourning him. A new man, Fate, who is a bounty hunter of war deserters, has come into her life. Learning of Zeke’s unclear and inconsistent past, he begins to suspect him of desertion, something even Zeke can’t be sure is true or not. Suspicion gives way to vengeance as Fate grows more and more determined to destroy Zeke for the crime he may have committed. In a struggle for answers, for understanding, and for life itself, Zeke is faced with a fate he cannot forget....


Zeke's Fate earned a Semi-Finalist spot in the 2015 Chanticleer International Book Awards' Laramie Awards.

Book Bundle - Bicker and the Soolivans & Zeke's Fate

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