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In this prequel to Zeke’s Fate, I share with you the experiences of the Soolivan family. If you have read Zeke’s Fate, you may remember Andy Soolivan, a cousin of Zeke.  This is the story of Andy and his sister Penelope. When Bicker shows up at the Soolivan home, he brings much-needed comic relief to a despairing family.  Will Bicker have a future in the Soolivan family? The journalist in him would say, Read All About It!


I was honored to have this novel make the 2019 Shortlist for

Chanticleer International Book Awards' Laramie Awards!

The Laramie Awards cover the category of historical fiction

with sub-categories including Poineer, Western, Civil War,

Adventure/Caper, Romance, and  more.


If you have not read Zeke's Fate, no worries; both books stand alone, and you will be able to follow them individually. They are, however, part of the same series, so you'll see some familiar faces in both.


This is a paperback novel.


If you're interested in a copy of Zeke's Fate, that, too, is available in my Shop.

Bicker and the Soolivans, A Novel