Hello there!  My name is Jenna Hestekin, and I welcome you to my website.  I work in pen and ink, scratchboard, and also create wire sculptures.  I welcome commissions for pet portraits, Ancestry Art, and wire sculpture.  I am an Active Member in the International Society of Scratchboard Artists (also known as the ISSA).  I hope you'll take a moment to explore my site  and learn more about what I can do.

If I saw you at an art show over summer, hi there!  Below, you'll find links to the three art shows I had the pleasure of being a part of over summer.  I am hoping to have a booth at the Mabel Tainter Holiday Artisan Market in November, 2021, as well.

The first show was Artspire in La Crosse, WI.  This event was held on June 12th.  What a fantastic art show it was!  Had such a great time, and was even awarded 2nd prize in their competition.  It was an honor and a joy.  More information about this festival, along with a virtual art fair, can be viewed here.

The second show, the wonderful AAUW Art Fair on the Green, was also held in La Crosse, WI, on July 24th.  I've had the pleasure of being at this show for several years, and it was so great to be back!  Click on the link to be taken to their virtual art fair.

The third show, the Artworks Festival in Austin, MN, took place on August 28th - 29th, and was certainly a lot of fun!  Though rainy and windy weather daunted us, it turned out to be such a great show!

African Kudu
Honey Ham
Arabian Spirit
Charmed ~ Sold
Camilla the Fox
Bee On Flower
Great Dane
Fabrice ~ Sold
Peacock Prince
Sampson ~ Commission