Drama and attitude were on my mind with the creation of this fierce, strong horse.  The idea of having the ears turned back in a moody slant was impulsive, but I felt it suited this horse.  The heavy, dark chain used for the mane and tail felt strong, as did the addition of the silvery, knobby embellishments trailing down the mane and tail.  A sword and shield complete the horse and give it a suggestion of story and history.


Triumph is made with fencing and paddle wire.  Thick necklace chain was used for the mane and tail, with gleaming silver embellishments trailing down the length of each.  The ears are wing-shaped pendants.  The shield is a necklace pendant and the sword embellishment is exactly what it sounds like: a sword embellishment.


Triumph measures 10 inches long by 9.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.