A Steampunk all the way, this one.  He works on his experiments so much that he's begun to wear his gears as a badge of honor.  The key he carries may lead to his secret labratory, but he's not telling.  His gizmos and contraptions are so important to him that he must keep them a secret.  Snowmen in the $30.00 range, such as this one, are typically around 5 - 6 inches tall.


My snowmen are made with all manner of found items...could be industrial, interesting, funny, flashy, pretty, or proper.  Cast-off farm junk, mainly flat washers, are the foundation of these sculpures, and they are adorned with keys for arms, jewelry bits and pieces, and they are usually topped with lovely hats made from pins, earrings, gears, or other completely random items - all attached with my go-to sculpture medium of wire.  A loop of chain, a few inches long, is attached at the top of each snowman, so they are ready to hang up anywhere you please.  A one-of-a-kind gift!


The unique charm of these sculptures cannot quite be captured by camera.  They are full of texture, color, rust, jewels, sparkle, and fun.  They are sprayed with a glossy clear coat.  They are a joy to create, and I hope they bring some joy to you!

Snowman #4