I've done several fox sculptures, but this is my first silver fox.  There's something quite striking about a silver fox, with their almost-metallic coat of fur.  What better subject for a wire sculpture?


This silver fox is made with a blend of steel fencing, paddle, and dark annealed wires.  The dramatic tail is a pendant with an amazing twinkly factor that just can't be captured in photos.  The ears are ornate leaf-shaped pieces from a necklace, and the nose is a shining, angular bead.  This fox wears a metal scarf which is actually two dangle earrings wired into one long length of a metal mesh-like material.  Bits of very fine, twinkly chain hang from the ends of the scarf for extra glamour.


This fox measures 7.5 inches tall by 6 inches long by 4 inches wide.

Silver Fox


    The Cozy Red

    Fine Art by Jenna Hestekin

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