From the lush, green forests of Canada comes this mighty, majestic moose.  This big fellow was a joy to make with the rich blend of 3 different types of wire for all his warm brown and black colors.  The antlers are made by hand out of wire.  I have always been on the lookout for embellishments that make me think of moose antlers, but have yet to find just the right thing, so I decided to build my own.  As it turns out, they’re quite a bit of fun to create!


This Moose is made of dark annealed wire, with the addition of brown-colored copper jewelry wire for those rich, warm browns and copper wire for his legs and antlers.  His ears are wing-shaped embellishments and his handsome bell is made of black chain.  He measures 7.75 inches tall by 8.5 inches long by 4.5 inches wide.