We all know the song.  Here's a new twist:


I scream,

You scream,

We all scream for...

Mice Cream!


Whenever I create mouse sculptures, it seems they must be holding something, from a ripe, red strawberry, to a painter's palette, to a giant ice cream cone.


Mice Cream was a delight to make with her hot pink embellishments and her ice cream cone.  She's made with silver fencing and paddle wires, and her embellishments include, of course, that large ice cream necklace pendant, a pair of teardrop-shaped items for her ears, a heart-shaped bead nose, a supple chain for her tail, and a few tiny flower embellishments to finish the tail.  Her neck is adorned with a tiny pink chain as well.


Mice Cream measures 5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide by 3 inches long.  Wouldn't she look lovely in your kitchen?

Mice Cream