This is a flashy bird with a love for the color blue.  The inspiration for Razzle-Dazzle came from a stunning "orphan" earring I had in my collection.  I've had that earring in my hand so many times over the past year or two, wondering what I could create to do it justice.  Little by little, the embellishments came together to form this dazzling bird.  The rich, bold blues and twinkling gems of this sculpture really draw the eye.  My camera can't quite capture the beautiful colors of this bird; she's lovelier in person.


Razzle-Dazzle is made with steel fencing and paddle wire.  The embellishments began with that stunning earring, which is her tail.  The wings are a combination of pieces of earrings (the blue leaves...these same leaves also create that flamboyant crest on the head), necklaces, and also wing-shaped pendants.  Her shiny beak is a small, toothed clip, and the head twinkles with a white jeweled found item.  Doesn't it remind you of those old pillbox hats?  She adorns himself with a flashy necklace of dark chain and several little baubles.


The sculpture measures about 7.25 inches long by 4.5 inches tall by 3 inches wide.



    The Cozy Red

    Fine Art by Jenna Hestekin


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