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Was there anything as wonderful as living beneath the candy shop?  Those children were always dropping goodies on the floor, and Dum-Dum was delighted.  She could eat her weight in candy, lollipops, and candy corn all day long.


Please Note: Dum-Dum is only available for purchase at ArtZ in Amery, Wisconsin.


Dum-Dum is made with steel fencing wire and paddle wire.  She holds a beautiful glass candy posessively in her arms, along with a tasty-looking lollipop made from wire and a swirly bead.  Her chunky silver tail is adorned with a corn candy embellishment, and her ears are a pair of earrings.


Dum-Dum measures 5.25 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide by 6 inches long.


Only 1 left in stock
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