A hefty, hearty cape buffalo.  Inspired by the oxpeckers that so often hang out with the massive buffalo in the wild, I couldn't resist putting this cute little bird on the head of this animal.  This sculpture is made with dark annealed wire...a great deal of it, as this is one of my largest sculptures to date, weighing around 6 pounds.  His horns are made of ornate coffee cup hooks (these hooks were among my first "found items" when I first started making sculptures).  Between the horns, a necklace piece that looks rather like hair completes the top of the head.  The ears are lily-shaped earrings which I felt had the ideal shape.  The bird is a gold-colored pin with tiny little jewels in it.   This sculpture measures 12 inches long by 6.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide.

Cape Buffalo