I purchased a jewelry lot not too long ago, but not for the gaudy blue and dark blue necklace within.  I liked the pieces around this particular necklace.  This necklace just set on my sculpture desk for some time, ignored....


Then Boho came along, and the blue bead necklace got its perfect home.  Birds in nature flaunt the most incredible colors and patterns, so this seemed a natural fit for this silly bird.


Boho is made with some steel fencing wire for stability (and his silver-tipped toes), and then copper wire in several gauges.  The riot of beads is from a necklace, and I added copper and navy blue chain to complete his flamboyant look.  The neck has a small blue hoop earring with a copper bauble dangling within it.  The beak is a vibrant blue horn-shaped piece I've been eager to use.  In the end, I decided I quite like that blue bead necklace.


Boho measures 7.5 inches tall by 6 inches long by 4 inches wide.



    The Cozy Red

    Fine Art by Jenna Hestekin


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