While making this dashing fellow, I kept thinking of those glamorous eras of style, art deco, arts and crafts, art nouveau, etc.  Art Deco basically named himself.


Made with dark annealed wire.  Art Deco's design came together once I had picked his tail, which is a rather large and dramatic vintage orphan earring (orphan meaning its match went missing somewhere along the way).  The colors really set the tone for the rest of this sculpture, which is embellished with navy blues and golds.  A pair of navy and gold earrings make his wings, with gold leaf-shaped embellishments wired beneath them.  He wears a gold chain with another leaf-like embellishment around his neck.  His beak is a spike-shaped embellishment, and his head crest is an angular gold earring.  Isn't he dashing?


Art Deco measures 6.25 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide by 6.25 inches long.

Art Deco