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With a mighty maw and a flickering flag of bait, Anglerfish awaits the next meal.  A smooth, cold fish, yes, most refreshing.  Or perhaps a nice, crunchy crustacean.  Even a slimy squid would do.  Anglerfish can wait all week, fishing…fishing….


Anglerfish is made with dark annealed wire.  That mighty maw is made with what I believe is called an external tooth lock washer, which I curled over to resemble the shape an a mouth.  The "eyes" or should I say eye sockets, are a pair of metal pieces I found in some scrap metal findings I have.  The top fin piece is a metal tubing, and I added that square bluish metal doodad because I thought it just fit.  The tail is made with the type bars - also known as strikers - from an older typewriter.  In all, as you can tell, the embellishments for this fish are literally metal junk.  The base is a backplate for a drawer pull.


Anglerfish measures 8 inches tall by 3 inches wide (width of the base) by 9 inches long.