A big, toothy creature from the deep has made its way into my art studio.  And now, he is available to swim into your home!  This Anglerfish was originally going to be decked out in gears, keys, chains, and so on.  But once I reached this point in the progress, the simple, clean-cut forms, the flow of the wire work, appealed to me in such a way that I decided to call this complete as it was.


This big fellow is made with dark annealed wire.  His mouth is made with what I believe is called an external tooth lock washer, which I curled over to resemble the shape an a mouth.  The "eyes" or should I say eye sockets, are a pair of metal pieces I found in some scrap metal findings I have.  His top fin piece is a metal tubing, and I added that square bluish metal doodad because I thought it just fit.  His tail is made with the type bars - also known as strikers - from an older typewriter.  In all, as you can tell, the embellishments for this fish are literally metal junk.  The base is a backplate for a drawer pull.


This fish measures 8 inches tall by 3 inches wide (width of the base) by 9 inches long.