I felt led to create a sculpture of this unique African antelope.  I haven't done horns out of wire for some time, but something about the spiral shape made it a tempting challenge.  Here is the result, and I had a blast making this guy!


African Kudu is made with all types of wire - steel fencing wire, paddle wire, dark annealed wire, and copper wire.  The white stripes of the live animals are very unique, as is the interesting body shape and the ridge of hair that runs down the neck and follows the spine.  It made for a playground of textures and forms to explore and work at!  I learned so much in the creation of this piece.


Embellishments are quite minimal on this guy, limited to silver wing-shaped embellishments for the ears and copper/brown colored chain for the neck and spine.


African Kudu measures 5.75 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide by 6.5 inches long.

African Kudu